2017: The possibilities of the new season December 28, 2016 17:40

2017: A new season in the garden - Denys & FieldingI often think of my garden as a wizened old relative; a sympathetic, kindly friend that has a bemused look on his/her face the entire time I am out there. It glosses over the mistakes with a nice thick mulch of leaves each year and says 'don't worry dear, better luck next time'. It offers fresh hope and endless possibilities thanks to the new season that lies ahead. 'Go on' it chides. 'Have a glass of wine, think about things and come back with something new on the table for next year'. 

We are not talking dramatic hard landscaping changes year on year. Just the gentle alterations that add a fizz of excitement here and there. The buzz at the sight of a bulb or seedling that has emerged. The change of perspective or aspect that a new shrub brings. The careful placement of a garden chair in a hidden, forgotten corner. An old terracotta pot brimming with new life. 

The optimism of a garden is infectious. It demands that you spend your time looking forward, carefully taking in the small changes and details that will emerge into bold new life in the weeks and months ahead. It is the most annoyingly upbeat friend you can ask for. And it is precisely this sense of unabashed joy and liveliness that we try to capture and distil into our range of deckchairs, cushions and garden ware.

Denys & Fielding are attending the Gardens Illustrated Festival 2017With this sense of energy and optimism come a host of plans for us in 2017. New for Spring is a gorgeous, bright bold fabric design that is the fifth in our range. It has taken a good 18 months to get it right, but we are thrilled with it. Expect photos very soon. Our summer season of events start in the Cotswolds at the Gardens Illustrated Festival in March - two days of insightful talks, practical demonstrations and inspiring shopping to get your creative garden juices flowing. Meanwhile, back at base, we love a practical pinny. And it turns out we are not alone. Building upon the popularity of our garden aprons, we'll be extending our designs further in 2017... watch this space!

Whatever you have planned for your life or your garden in the year ahead, go for it. Enjoy every minute. Look for green shoots, mulch over the rest. We'll be cheering you on. 

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