Stressbusting at Scotney Castle July 05, 2015 19:35

Today, we took our respective tribes to Scotney Castle.  Just an hour from (south) London and a quick zip through the lanes in Kent for me and the boys, we met up for the afternoon with fairly low expectations, given how dismal the weather was this morning...

But we got lucky. The sun came out, the rain dried up and we had the most amazing time at this truly magical place.

There was a slight whiff of 'bore off' emanating from our four year old as we walked around the main house, but he held it together well and the space outside more than made up for the inconvenience he experienced inside!

But for us adults, it was heaven.  We got to coo over the wallpaper prints; enjoy the stunning gardens and just unwind.

Great to go because... it's pretty much impossible to feel stressed out in this beautiful place.  Despite it's size and position, the main house has a cosy, comfortable feel while the surrounding woodland, water and planting really does transport you to a completely different time and place.

Favourite spot: Tricky one, but it's either in the courtyard of the Old Castle or the unassuming walled garden right at the entrance of the castle.

Enjoy feeling small: The huge rhododendrons, gunneras and assortment of shrubs give you a child like perspective on the place, adding to the sense of magic and nostalgia.

Don't miss: The gorgeous wallpapers in the main house. The bamboo room was our favourite.

Take a look at our favourite prints and plans from Scotney Castle on pinterest and instagram.