Birthday girl, garden girl July 17, 2015 19:46

The big bold prints of our deckchairs and cushions may have made you think that I'm a big bloom type.  However, for the garden beds and borders, I really love lush green planting and foliage. To me, beautiful, bold green plants, and a good dose of colour in terms of outdoor furniture and accessories is a recipe for tropical garden heaven.

With my recently acquired birthday money burning a hole, I headed to the wonderful Walled Nursery, and then to the nearby Capel Cottage Nursery - two beautiful, independent garden nurseries brimming with cottage garden favourites, and some gorgeous green showstoppers!

I couldn't leave behind:

  • A wonderful bushy hydrangea called 'bombshell'.  Well named, as she is a stunner with pretty white flowers, lots of lush green foliage and dark 'leggy' stems.  What's not to love?! I planted in a pot for easy manoeuvre, as something tells me she'll want some shelter when temperatures drop.
  • Canna 'Red Velvet'. Or Club TropiCanna as I prefer to name this one. Plenty of eighties throwback Bermuda shorts action emanating from this corner of the patio! Again, another one for a pot, as he'll definitely disapprove of the Kentish frosts.
  • Melianthus Major: Dramatic, architectural plant which adds a touch of exotic to the border. It also has a nutty, peanut scent!