This week's reading list for the garden July 21, 2015 08:32

I know it is still July. 

I know I shouldn't be cynical. 

But it feels like we are on borrowed time with all this wonderful sunshine.  So, every spare moment I have to myself (er, clearly, this is usually at a ridiculous time in the morning, and an equally ridiculous time at night!) I like to spend in the garden. And one of my favourite things to do before or after a busy day, is to sit for a few minutes with a good book.

Here are my top three reads for the garden this week:

  • Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee: Having read and reread To Kill a Mockingbird over the years, I couldn't resist reading this one. The lovely people at Daunt Books put one aside for me to collect last Friday and I'm well on my way through it already. I've ignored every write up, and avoided any review so I can read it fresh. 
  • Kinfolk, Volume 15: I came across this slow lifestyle magazine a few months ago and I am hooked.  I love this edition - which focuses on the balance between living and working creatively.
  • England Observed, John Gay: Beautiful, magical photography from mid century photographer John Gay. Perfect if reading actual words is all too much!