Happiness is… a garden or outdoor space to call your own. July 28, 2015 09:24

As the keen eyed will have spotted, two people are responsible for Denys & Fielding.  Two sisters in fact.  And we are both mad about our respective outdoor haunts.  For one of us, it’s a small city garden, the nearby parks and their respective cafes that keep us sane. For the other, it’s life in the sticks surrounded by fields and orchards.  As with most important things in life, size, shape and situation are irrelevant.  It is how they contribute to your world that counts. Whether your garden is a place to grow, graze or simply sit, here is how to get the most from it:

  • Fill your outdoor space with things you love. Your garden may be one of the first things you look at in the morning. It may also be your last sight of the world before blinds are shut, or are curtains closed.  It’s your view of the world, so fill it with the people, plants and possessions you love.
  • Plan for the Garden at Night: Not enough is said about the importance of the garden at night.  All too often, gardening or outdoor styling advice is all focused on the sunshine hours. And yet, most of us aren't around much in the daylight hours of the working week (sob!).  So this means that the garden has to be the perfect haven for the war weary worker, or the tired parent. Or any combination of the above for that matter.  Cue lighting, gorgeous scented blooms and comfy outdoor furniture.
  • Little and often:  Neglect your garden, and you’re setting yourself up for a whole heap of work.  Whereas, a little snip here, and quick deadheading there actually becomes an enjoyable, stress relieving process in its own right.  As does just sitting down and taking stock of your surroundings. I call that “planning” if anyone asks why I’m lazing on a deckchair, gauping at the borders. Garden Therapy. Available 24/7.  Perfect.


Picture: Classic Deckchair seen here with our feather sling. Small side table covered with one of our generous fabric samples. Top of table: hurricane vase and small galvanised planter