Everyone loves... A good local: Catford Consistutional Club August 26, 2015 09:05

What makes a great pub? 

This was subject of a lengthy debate at D&F towers the other day. And our conclusion was that Antic London have the magic formula sorted. 

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary with a trip to Catford Constitutional Club (CCC) for lunch.

It was amazing.
The venue itself is a very grand old building but before it was taken over as a pub, it was disused and run down for over 20 years. The great thing is that the building hasn't been 'blinged' to within an inch of it's long and interesting life.  It has character in a sort of quirky, 'lived in', way. CCC serve local, regional and national beers and  offer typically British food but with a bit more flair than you might expect.  Best of all, the staff are lovely, friendly people who really know their stuff about the food and drink they sell.
Catford Constitutional Club isn't an independent little pub, it's part of Antic London; a company who seem to find unusual vacant premises, not just in your trendy London postcodes, and offer great food and drink. I've sampled a few including the Sylvan Post in Forest Hill, Goldsmith Arms in Penge and Westow House in Crystal Palace and I haven't been disappointed yet.
So what makes a great pub? Here is our best shot at the ingredients that go into a pub classic:

  • A quirky venue - drawing people in.
  • Great food, drink and staff -  that keep people coming back time and time again.
  • Relaxed surroundings - a  hotch potch of vintage furniture to make everyone feel at home.
  • A mixed clientele - A pub that appeals to all sorts of people is the type of place that you want to tell your friends about and introduce to your family.