Day One: Bank Holiday Bazaar, The Walled Nursery August 28, 2015 20:17

What a fantastic first day! We've had the pleasure of spending today at the Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst, Kent. Despite ominous clouds and a splash of rain, the sun came out and so did the visitors! Looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Come and say hello if you are out and about in Kent over the bank holiday!

Meanwhile, here are our top picks from the Walled Nursery today...

  • Succulents have never looked more stylish: Japanese moss gardens, perfect for hanging both indoors and outside. 


  • We've all got one: Bed of Doom: Thank goodness we are not alone!! Note the only grey tinged cloud in the sky hanging over this troublesome bed! So great to see work in progress in this stunning location. 

  • Buzzing Blooms: With so many beautiful plants and flowers for sale, the Walled Nursery was a feast for the bees today. Gorgeous blooms of every size and description to bedazzle borders!