Day 2: Bank Holiday Bazaar August 29, 2015 19:15

There was a slight whiff of 'Bake Off' in the air today. 

With the weather forecast suggesting a dark and gloomy day, we set up the D&F gazebo. Suffice to say, we are are not naturals when it comes to erecting tents, but we got through this 'technical' challenge and the end result brought out the sunshine!

Having scraped a past at the technical challenge, it was onto the showstoppers... and here are our top three from today. 

The Honka Dahlias look amazing in the beds and borders of the Walled Nursery.  Gorgeous star like blooms add a real tropical burst of colour. 

Our Wideboy deckchair, seen here with the cherry print, won the deckchair popularity contest today! Many a weary visitor 'tested' the deckchair out and it got a resounding 10/10 for comfort and style. 


- The double depth troughs - definitely going to be taking one home with us after this weekend. Made from reclaimed scaffolding boards, they are super sturdy and a great addition to any garden or patio.