A Girl and Her Greens - April Bloomfield September 13, 2015 13:33

Coinciding with the current whiff of harvest in the air is the arrival of my latest love; a cookbook all about enjoying gorgeous veggies and greens that can be grown in the garden.  

It is safe to say that I was smitten by page 2.  Here April Bloomfield describes the eighties culinary 'delight' of Stuffed Marrow.  I remember this. It was horrendous. I still bear the scars of marrow stuffed with watery mince meat, bits of boiled up carrot and onion. For me, the smell was worse than the taste; lurking around the house hours, possibly days in advance of dinner time.

Anyway, luckily, April Bloomfield rediscovered vegetables, real ones, during her stint at the River Cafe, and then later at Chez Panisse in California. And it is clear that it is a love affair that has lasted a lifetime. 

The recipes that I have tried so far are easy to make and so tasty.  A particular favourite is roasted mushrooms with pancetta. Delicious.  Another is the roasted and raw fennel salad - which is perfect as I've had mixed success in the veggie patch this year, but one thing that seems to have thrived is fennel.

April Bloomfield really extols the virtues of keeping it simple. Which, given that I am a novice gardener and a pretty poor cook, is both encouraging and confidence building. It is so rewarding to pad out into the garden, pick a few bits out and cook with them.  Even if they do look a bit below par.  I would avoid my hotchpotch of green/red tomatoes like the plague at the supermarket.  But grown by my own hand, they are positively 'artisan'. 

A Girl and her Greens is hearty stuff, for the stomach and the soul, making it is the perfect read on a slightly damp, September weekend.