Hedgerow Heaven September 28, 2015 18:50

Yesterday was disturbing.  In a vain attempt to quieten my over tired, slightly manic toddler, I took him for a walk in the buggy.  Eventually, there was silence, and I found myself enjoying the moment; sun beating down, birds twittering overhead.  

And then it happened.

I became my parents.

I knew I had crossed the line when I found myself rooting around my pockets for a plastic nappy bag in which to deposit fruit from the hedgerows. 

In truth, I am not sure I have actually become my Mum and Dad. But I do find that I am seeing the world through their eyes more and more. Which is both scary and wonderful in equal measure.  Scary because most of the time I still feel 15 and wonderful because our Dad can do something magical, dare I say biblical, with bounty from the hedgerows. He can turn it into the most delicious fortified wine.  

The sight of blackberries and elder berries, coupled with a good dose of brandy and our Dad's knack for making the best hooch in the world ( clearly no bias there!), sent me into overdrive. Think of the wine! Think of Christmas! So, for those in the South East, the weather looks good for the week ahead. If you can, ditch the office, head out and about and enjoy the fruits of the footpaths. It's amazing what you can find, and ferment.