Outdoors, indoors November 01, 2015 19:10

November.  How did we get to November?! Any yet here we are.  Flipflops have been swapped for wellies, Monty and the gang have clocked off for another year, and it's pretty much dark by 5pm.  Time to take the hint and head indoors. 

While the deckchairs and bigger garden furniture might be packed away, some of our garden goodies are heading back inside with me for the winter months. Our bold, bright cushions are great for extra, casual indoor seating during the winter months. The floor cushions, with their tough, water resistant bottoms, are just the thing if, like me, your wooden floors have not seen a mop for a while (the dust brushes off beautifully...). They are perfect for piling up and slobbing out, en masse, with family, friends and the nippers. 

For me, spending time inside often means gazing longingly outside, into the garden, wondering if that pot would be better placed somewhere else or if someone, somewhere, has come up with a better looking version of horticultural fleece. To take the edge off, I've dotted our lovely, outdoor candles around the garden, which draws my eye nicely away from the mounds of white fluff around my tender plants. Meanwhile indoors, the fantastic Industville has managed to make my house look warm, and welcoming from the outside (albeit from a distance), thanks to their beautiful, affordable range of lighting, and gorgeous old fashioned Edison light bulbs. Come on winter, we are ready for you!