Gardens at First Light by Stacy Bass November 19, 2015 12:34

The timing of its arrival was almost ironic. 'Gardens at First Light' was delivered on a week when any light would have been nice. But perhaps that is why I have not been able to tear myself away from this truly bewitching, gorgeous book. 

Gardens at First Light captures the magic, solitude and calm of those first tranquil moments in the garden. The ones where you are awake before the rest of the house and quietly make a run for the garden to enjoy those few precious moments before all hell let's rip indoors. 

The gardens themselves are all located in the US, but you can see influences from far further afield in their planting and design. Several gardens are legacies of old, large estates built in the twenties and thirties in Long Island and wider New England, which have been lovingly cared for and developed by owners, past and present. To my foreign eyes, many have a real air of 'The Great Gatsby' about them with their gorgeous views, sweeping beds & borders, not to mention their sheer scale. I was tickled to see some of my own choice of plants in the gardens, as they looked so glamorous and different in a new and unknown setting. Perfect inspiration at this time of year, when it's possible to move things around in the garden, for a new look next Spring. 

If your craving a little light on these dark, dank days, my advice is borrow some. Take a look through this soothing tonic of a book. It'll have you feeling better in no time.