The Great Christmas Escape December 01, 2015 00:01

I went into a sandwich shop in the City yesterday and the Pogues were blasting out to full, festive effect.  BRILLIANT! The countdown has begun. 

When you are a child, Christmas is pure escapism.  Somehow that gets lost when you become an adult. But thankfully, since having my two boys, I’ve got a touch of it back.  Seeing the magic of Christmas through their eyes has warmed my cold, cynical heart and I found myself whizzing up an angel costume on the sewing machine this weekend and loved every minute of it.

Christmas shouldn’t make you want to run away. It should provide the ultimate escape hatch for a few weeks. Here’s how we will be enjoying ours…

  1. Under Canvas: Well, not quite. But the plan is to turn my sister’s dining room into a makeshift den for my boys and having them ‘sleep’ (I use the term loosely) in there so us adults can remain under the cosy sherry induced ‘fog’ until Boxing day. Every eiderdown, spare chair and string of fairy lights accumulated by the family over the years will be out. Health and Safety dead zone but lots of fun.
  2. Boxing Day on the Beach: Walks along the beach to bring us back to our senses on Boxing Day (or soon after) has become a bit of a tradition. The wilder & windier, the better.
  3. Making at least one present: Having time to focus on making a present, even if it’s just one thing, is a real treat. A cosy, thick knit blanket or a couple of chutneys just make you, and the recipient, feel ace.
  4. Pop Up Shopping: Battling through shopping malls or staring manically at a computer screen to find the latest gadget or gizmo that you know nothing about – not fun. Mooching around local Christmas fairs, little pop up shops and independents – LOVE IT.  For me, this is one activity that is best enjoyed alone, without the use of a smart phone. This way, you are more likely to end up talking to other shoppers, shop owners and crafts people who invariably recommend you to the next place. And then the next. Imagine a whole day unplanned with no final destination confirmed in advance or googled?! Now that is an escape. But don’t leave it too late – this is only enjoyable if you are not watching the clock / terrified you’ll run out of time before Christmas.  Good luck!