Hello Mr Bluesky! December 04, 2015 14:39

Sunshine - welcome back! We've missed you. The sight of bright blue skies has both of us up and out early this morning. And it is Friday. Hurrah! And the sun is due to last through until Saturday afternoon... Double hurrah! 

Forget the shopping, the card writing and the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas. For us, today was a day to be outside. Not a moment too soon either. The sight of the window cleaner getting attacked by an unwieldy holly bush had my sister out with her secateurs to rescue him in double quick time. Eek!

Meanwhile in our neck of the woods, my youngest and I stomped through a local park then pottered about in the garden pulling out buttercups and composting leaves, trying to avoid the early spring bulbs that are already showing signs of life. I even contemplated cutting the grass....

Seriously. It is December. Those days should be gone! But the warm weather has encouraged everything in the garden to have one last fling. Even the leaves are still clinging onto the trees for dear life, enjoying every last moment of the warmer temperatures. Well, why not. Colder, darker, wetter days are inevitable. But for now, time to enjoy what little sunshine we have. Happy Weekend!