Sister, Sister: A guide to modern day happiness December 14, 2015 15:42

There are quite a few things that are good about being close to your sister.

  1. Stealing clothes. (after a bout of starvation in my case, but still, always worth it)
  2. Setting up a lovely, stylish little boutique brand (ahem!)
  3. Enjoying the best from both of our worlds…

And Saturday was a great example of point 3. During the day we had a family knees-up to celebrate a very special birthday in South London. In the evening we were back in the shire, going to the local Christmas fayre in the village.

Combined, our city / country day probably sums up how we hope people will continue to enjoy our deckchairs, fabric designs and garden accessories into next year – with loved ones, having fun and enjoying the great outdoors, irrespective of whether you have a small city patch, or a larger garden space.

Is there anything more fun than a child’s birthday party when you are not hosting and you have divested responsibility of your offspring to the long suffering husband so you can enjoy a glass of prosecco (or three)? Nope.

Can you beat Christmas shopping in your wellies by candlelight outside in the dark, accompanied by wafts of pulled pork and mulled wine? I think not.

So there you have it.  Our guide to modern day happiness. Stay outside, stay close to your siblings and enjoy every minute with a glass in one hand and a very comfy seating arrangement nearby. Merry Christmas!