New Year, new project for the garden January 09, 2016 11:58

Here we are. 2016. Very excited about a whole host of plans and projects that lie ahead, including the little revamp that I'm cooking up for our front garden. Which is all thanks to Joe Swift and his TV programme about greening up front gardens. 

Last year, 'The Great British Garden Revival' showcased all sorts of projects and opportunities to bring about some changes in gardens, but the one that captured my imagination was about front gardens. The argument behind the programme was that these poor, neglected postage stamp sized plots have been concreted, paved and plundered in recent years. They have become a barren wasteland between your home and the world outside. I watched, one eye on the telly, the other gazing out on the largely pea shingled space outside my front window and felt a pang of shame.

I've been wondering what to do with the front garden since we moved in. Time to do something about it. 

So, what are we dealing with? Firstly, it is south facing.  Bonus. But the soil is really heavy clay. Boo. And very partial to couch grass, brambles and bind weed. Double boo.

It is a small plot; about 3 metres by 3 metres at a guess. But I think that is a good thing. It gives focus. 

After months of deliberating, my plan is to create an ornamental veggie plot. The logic is that it is close to the house - so watering shouldn't be a problem as taps are in spitting distance. It's sun worshiping qualities should be great for some more heat loving fruits, which I can grow as cordons or in pots. And I quite fancy the idea of creating a simple pattern of small raised beds, made from scaffolding boards.  I saw some at the lovely Rare Breeds Centre earlier this year and I liked the idea of them. They take less space than sleepers, or even things like box hedging. Instead I'll 'line' them with plants I can eat or at least cook with. The look I am going for is ordered, and structured, similar to a potager garden; mixing fruits, herbs and edibles close to the kitchen. And of course some beautiful veg - like my purple sprouting broccoli which is about to crop (pictured left). I'm in love with those leaves, let alone the rest...

Joe Swift... what have you started... but I'm on the this space!