We Love... Longevity January 13, 2016 11:49

A slight disaster has occurred in our attic.                                              

Or, should I say, the roof. 

Bright sunshine is streaming through the Kent peg tiles this morning. Which is a welcome alternative to the rain that has lashed down over the last week or two.  And while this is a cost that we seriously do not need, I can't quite bring myself to be annoyed.  

The roof is beautiful. The original tiles, held on by wooden nails, or pegs, have lasted well over 100 years. And while they might resemble soggy biscuits now (and currently demonstrate the same level of water resistance), they have had a good innings.  

It is just this kind of longevity that we intend for our deckchairs. Our roof has provided comfort and shelter for all kinds of people over the years. We hope our garden chairs do the same and we've worked hard to ensure they do. The solid hard wood is the best we can find; the stainless steel fastenings avoid the worst of what the weather can throw at them, and our deckchair slings are washable and replaceable, ensuring that our deckchairs can be enjoyed in the garden for years to come. So, whatever the weather has to throw at us over the next few months, the purpose of our range of solid, high quality deckchairs & garden furniture is to keep you smiling, come rain or shine.