A room with a view: Emmetts Garden March 06, 2016 17:50

The garden is by far my favourite 'room' in the house. I can bury myself in among the shrubs and flowers for ages. Jobs in the garden don't usually feel like chores. However at this time of year, I always experience a familiar sense of procrastination. The soil is solid and pretty impenetrable after months of rain and gloominess. Early spring blooms are showing signs of life all over the shop. But so too are weeds and brambles. The workload ahead feels like a big deal. 

I find that in these situations my instinct and natural course of action is flee, at some speed, away from my own garden and visit one that belongs to someone else. The sight of other people's workload cheers me up no end. The bigger the garden and the task, the better I feel about my own small patch. 

So it was with these purely selfish thoughts I dragged the tribe around Emmetts Garden today. Ooh it was lovely. Gorgeous woods brimming with bluebells are just weeks away from glory. Rhododendrons about to burst, daffodils and primroses around every corner; Emmetts Garden is a very informal, beautiful affair.

To me, Emmetts Garden has everything you could want in a garden. One of the first things you spot is a big meadow perfect for an impromptu game of football or, my favourite, rounders. To avoid a full on, toddler meltdown someone wonderful has been thoughtful enough to have stocked a nearby wooden hut with plenty of bats and balls to borrow. Brilliant! It also means you don't have to plan your trip with military precision or arrive packed to the gunnels with 'equipment' to entertain the troops. This alone was enough to make my day. 

Little paths that meander around woodland and more formal gardens offer beautiful views over the North Downs. A little peek here, a great big gawping view there: it is stunning. And the tea shop is pretty awesome too. When we arrived they were on their third chocolate fudge cake bake of the day and the scones were flying out the door thick and fast. LOVELY! 

It was my first visit to Emmetts Garden but it won't be my last. To me, it is a garden to savour throughout the seasons and I'm so pleased to have seen it first in its semi naked form. I can't wait to be back to see it in full bloom glory later this year. Now where is that hand fork...