Favourite Things on a Friday March 11, 2016 11:51

Today mainly consists of non-stop deckchair sling production! With warmer days just around the corner we are receiving more and more interest in our deckchairs and cushions to adorn gardens, patios and the odd balcony... Hurrah! 

Steadfast companions for today include my much loved radio. I absolutely love working away with the radio on. When 'Hi Fidelity' fired up across the airwaves this morning, I found myself spontaneously high kicking around the place. No, really. It is elegance all the way with me...

Thankfully two other firm favourites rescued the situation and add a touch of class back into the workroom. First off - my 'kit box' - a lovely Fortnum and Mason box which was once part of a very delicious Christmas gift and is now the perfect container for a host of sewing threads, needles and pins. I am a sucker for a beautiful gift box and, when lucky enough to receive one, I try to find a new home and purpose for as many as I can. This recycled sewing box makes work feel all the more special. And reminds me of a great boozy, Christmas pressie. 

The second is our fabrics. Inspired by tea dresses from the thirties and forties, I always feel like our deckchair and cushion fabrics hold secrets and knowledge that I can only wonder at. Yes, I know the fabrics themselves are new and geared up for modern living, but the designs are inspired by and share a heritage much older and wiser than I. They still make me feel excited when I see them. Which is just as well, given the number of deckchairs in production today...! Happy Friday!