Rejuvenating your wooden garden furniture April 07, 2016 14:34

With the sun finally coming out it is time to head to the shed and drag out the garden furniture.

How has it fared over winter? Whether you have wooden deckchairs or folding garden furniture, if it is looking less than desirable, here are some hints and tricks to get your seats looking neat...

1. Stain or oil? There are lots of treatments on the market for your garden furniture. My preference is to go for a good quality wood oil over stain. Oil will bring out the natural sheen and colour of your garden furniture and personally, I think it tends to do a better job of seeping into the wood and keeping it in pristine condition. You'll need to choose a dry day to treat your garden goodies. Ideally try and get the job done in the morning so it has maximum drying time. Some wooden furniture will benefit from a really light rub down first, depending on the age of your garden furniture and the type of wood.

2. Revamp your deckchair with a new sling. If you have a D&F style deckchair, why not give it a completely new look with one of our lovely, bright deckchair slings? There is no glue used in the creation of our deckchairs, so the job is very simple and easy to do. Just a screwdriver and a bit of muscle required!! Alternatively, if you didn't purchase your deckchair from D&F (sob!) then why not have a go at making your own sling.  Check your chair first to see how easy it would be to replace. Be aware that you might need to cut the existing deckchair sling off and sew a new one in place - with some careful & robust hand sewing!! 

3. Add the right accessories: Add cushions, bright coloured blankets for colder evenings or a nice chilled wine for warmer ones! Whatever your choice in garden furniture, you can add a new lease of life every season. And of course, it is the view from your deckchair that is really important - so fill your garden or balcony with lush foliage, fab flowers and scented blooms for the perfect day (and night) at home.