Bank Holiday - Three ideas to help you switch off and reconnect April 27, 2016 11:25

With blizzards leading up to the bank holiday weekend it seems unlikely that the suncream will be needed anytime soon. Boo. 

There is only one thing for it. Batten down the hatches, pop that cork and look forward to the amazing indian summer we are bound to have following such a chilly Spring...!  Mmm, we'll see... In the meantime, we have got a host of goodies to help you relax and unwind over the longer weekend... 

Pots and planters for the gardenGet pottering: Bank holiday weekends are perfect for getting your plants and pots in order. A whole host of flowers and veggies can be sown right now, although some may need a little protection from late frosts. Repotting old plants and giving them a larger pot, a fresh dose of soil, compost and improved drainage is another job for me on the to do list this weekend. Hostas are a favourite plant of mine and are starting to come into their own in our garden. Come rain or shine, their foliage looks really beautiful in our grey metallic pots.  An added bonus is that the pots help to keep the plants and away from hungry slugs who will happily devour a Hosta in a matter of minutes! 

Bring the outside in: If it is too wet and miserable to be outside, bring in the fruits of your labour indoors with our gorgeous little clay jars. Sprigs of Bridal Wreath, Forsythia and a small little variety of daffodils (Winston Churchill) are looking fab in one of ours at the moment. 

large floor cushionsGet comfy with our extra large floor cushions: Great for indoors on warm days, our extra large floor cushions are also perfect when you need to beat a retreat inside.

Alongside a tough bottom that copes well with wooden and stone floors, these 76cm X 76 cm large floor cushions are super soft and comfy. Mix with our smaller 'classic' and 'little Alex' cushions; add puzzles, board games, 'camps' made from old curtains and you'll have the troops entertained and comfortable for hours... 

Happy Bank Holiday!!