Black Friday - Adding a tinge of Green to our Black Friday Sale November 20, 2018 10:11

Shop, Save & Donate

More green than BlackThis year, perhaps more than any other, it's become really obvious that our beautiful world needs a little more TLC.

So, we're adding a tinge of Green to our Black Friday sale. 

This weekend, all of our subscribers will receive a special discount code. This will give them 25% off our entire product range, all weekend. For every £10 spent in our store, we'll be donating £1 to #PlasticPatrol - a wonderful, UK based campaign that aims to reduce the amount of plastic entering our waterways. #PlasticPatrol aim to combat the global plastic crisis by stopping the problem at its source. They offer paddle boarding sessions for free, on the condition that you pick up and log every piece of plastic litter you find along the way. 

The sentiment behind the campaign is very close to our hearts. One day a week, I down tools to teach kids to row at the London Docks. My husband has spent 20 years working for a local water company. Between us, we see the impact of plastic waste in our waterways. And after watching the Drowning in Plastic documentary this year, it feels like more and more of us feel compelled to make a change, however small.

So, if this sounds like something you'd love to support, please subscribe to our newsletter before midnight on Thursday. By getting involved, and shopping with us, you'll not only be supporting a small business, but helping a grassroots campaign make an immediate impact on our local and global environment. 

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