Botanical Style by Selina Lake October 12, 2016 12:03

Review of Botanical Style by Selina Lake: Denys & FieldingPublished earlier this year, Botanical Style, written by stylist supremo Selina Lake, provides a guide to anyone wishing to embrace the current trend for stylish indoor plants and introduce a little greenery into their homes.

Right now, botanics are big. In fact, huge. Which can only be a good thing. In these crazy busy times, anything that reconnects us with the natural world has to be a plus. But I'll be honest, before reading Botanical Style, I was unsure as to how much you could write about the current 'must have' swiss cheese plant and garden ephemera. Is the subject worthy of a whole book? 

Well, yes. As it turns out, it is. 

Botanical Style dissects the current trend and presents the key ingredients to create an oasis in your own home. Every page is beautifully presented, full of ideas that are easy to steal and replicate at home. The photography by Rachel Whiting is absolutely stunning and captures five different elements of the trend - from
bright, bold boho style to my personal favourite - tropical botanicals. The homes, garden rooms, conservatories and sheds of an eclectic range of people provide an illustrative guide to botanical styling and something a little deeper - a way of life and a way of appreciating the world around us. 

I really love the little gems of information and DIY projects littered throughout the book. They add a sense of 'give it a go' encouragement that makes you want to root out an old box of odds and ends in the attic and start reinventing your own space. While the book has been out for a few months, the darker evenings and changing season make this a great read to enjoy now. As things quieten down in the garden, what better time to introduce a little greenery into the home and extend the season for a little longer?

Botanical Style is published by Ryland Peters and Small and available at all good bookshops. 

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