Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe July 12, 2016 18:41

Eat Beautiful by Wendy RoweThere are times when it feels that fate, serendipity and the sheer blinking obvious align to make a point. I've had one of those moments this week. The weather is finally looking up. Sunshine has been spotted at least once and when it peeks out from behind a cloud, blinking wearily, the heat is unmistakable. Which means I'll have to ditch the cardy and get the flesh out at some point. Deep joy. On top of this, another year ticked over with my birthday on Monday. That morning, just after I'd gazed despondently at the grey hairs that appeared to have amassed overnight, I opened my email to receive my daily dose of sanity from the Pool only to discover it is 'body honesty' week. Shoot me. Actually don't. I've taken the hint. Time for a bit of me time and TLC. 

Obviously this cannot be achieved alone. Serious, professional help is required which is just what you will get when you flick through the pages of Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe. This lovely new, stylish book is as gorgeous on the inside as it appears from the front cover.  Written by renowned make up artist Wendy Rowe, Eat Beautiful is a book about looking after yourself from the inside out. It is not a lesson in make up (which to be honest, wouldn't go amiss either..). Instead, it is packed with delicious recipes, good advice for all kinds of common skin complaints and issues. At it's heart, it is all about making you feel good.

Wendy is clearly a lady with an enviable client list and an equally impressive address book; the foreward is written by Sienna Miller and a nice word or two about Wendy and the book from Victoria Beckham and Cara Delevingne are on the back. Do not let this put you off in some weird reverse snobbery / this book is going to perpetuate an unattainable goal. It doesn't. In fact, I felt the opposite. This book is a tonic. I could have a drink with Wendy (organic one, granted). Her writing style is effortless, likeable and the advice is grounded. I particularly like the way she divides the book by the seasons, providing information, tips and recipes to suit various times of year - perfect for those of us growing our own. In fact, this book is packed with ideas on how to turn your humble herb & veg patch into a feast for your stomach and your skin with tonics, home made treatments and recipes included. Come on sunshine. Come on inappropriately short shorts. I'm (almost) ready for you.