Gardening: How did you get going? September 21, 2016 17:15

Garden pots and plantersWhen it comes to gardening, neither Cat or I had a lot of choice but to love it. Our childhood was spent stomping around garden nurseries, open gardens and up at Dad's allotment. And while we moaned, bickered, feigned many a stomach ache / bug and / or 'emergency loo requirement', all of our parent's enthusiasm and love for gardening somehow seeped into our blood. By the time I left uni and had moved in with friends in our first excruciatingly expensive rented flat in London, I was hooked. Tomato plants festooned the windows of the kitchen. Plants lived (and died) on our sitting room windowsill. Meanwhile Cat attempted to grow plants in her equally extortionate rental, lovingly nicknamed 'the cave'. Not easy with absolutely no direct or indirect sunlight. Ah, happy times.

Gardening is a common pastime we now share (rather than avoid) with our parents. It is a serious family affair. More than that, it has become a really important component of our lives together; weaving around us all. Plant buying for one member of the tribe is now a great reason for us all to meet up, with everyone chipping in with their own suggestions and ideas. Dividing plants up and swapping them around; lending various bits of 'kit', books and tools are all firm features of our family. Miraculous really, considering that, as kids, Cat & I were fairly sniffy about gardening. As adults, our respective gardens don't A firm favourite - Geum Totally Tangerinejust nurture us as individuals; they bind us together as a family. Who knew?

Gardening means a lot to us, but we'd really love to know what it means to you. Who or what got you gardening? What has kept you at it? Please share your views in our comments section or on any of our social channels. We are asking because we'd love your views to help shape an exciting (slightly secret) new project we are working on. More info to come. In the meantime, please let us know your thoughts. x