Glam up your garden: A summer style wishlist June 17, 2016 07:00

In amid the showers have been lovely, sun filled days and light, warm evenings. With the garden beds and borders doing their thing, it's time to sit back, relax and enjoy it all. In our book this means a few essentials - comfy outdoor seating, a few extra large cushions scattered about the place and some well placed posh planters to give your patio or balcony an extra oomph of summer. 

Here is our pick of the best: Planters from Anthropologie

Perfect wall planters

Finding contemporary wall planters is a tricky business, but we think these lovelies from Anthropologie are winners. In fact, I loved them so much I bought one for my sisters' birthday. Lucky thing. It was very nearly 'lost'...

Extra large comfy cushions

Yes they are ours, but we really do love our extra large floor cushions. Fling them outside on a warm day and let the kids go wild. Pop them in and around the furniture and all of a sudden, your impromptu party feels like a real 'do'. Sit around the fire pit or bring them inside to cosy up if it's all getting a bit nippy outdoors. These big, bold floor cushions are awesome with tough, water resistant bottoms and a choice of seven different fabric designs. 

Extra large floor cushions

Wonderful wildlife 

Flowers and foliage are gorgeous, but are extra special when providing food and shelter to a host of interesting garden guests. Nothing makes you feel more relaxed than watching a whole host of bugs and beasties zooming about the garden. Green & Blue have some of the most handsome bird feeders going. Seriously stylish. Love them.