Home & garden wares made in the UK March 24, 2017 10:13

Made in BritainThis month, we are really thrilled to have joined Made in Britain - an organisation which supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers at home and abroad to identify British-made products.

We had two reasons that prompted us to join. 

Firstly, a love of making things is one of the defining characteristics of being human. It challenges you in so many ways, stimulates innovation, new ideas and creative thinking. It that it doesn't just that for individuals. For us, it has the same effect on communities. We've learned so much by being able to work closely with suppliers that we can meet or ring at the drop of a hat. It creates an energy which is wholly positive, no matter the inevitable failures, and problems along the way. Offshoring manufacturing may provide financial gain, and a cheaper product for your pound, but we lose in other ways, some of which are far more long reaching than we might first suspect. So, where we can, we'll always try and manufacture everything we can in the UK. 

Secondly, our home and garden wares are about adding a little colour and joy. The thought of having them made by people working in conditions which are the opposite of 'joy' just feels completely wrong. Now, clearly, not everyone working in factories overseas are in sweatshops! Nor is everyone working in the UK having a jolly good time. But by ensuring that our finished goods are made here, we feel that we can maintain a more transparent supply chain. As a small business, with little time or resources to double check factories and environments around the world, this is important. We want to be able to talk with confidence about the provenance and creation of our products. And by sticking to local suppliers, we can do just that.

If you are keen to support British manufacturing, look for the marque, or head to the Made in Britain website for more info.