How to Grow Stuff - Alice Vincent March 06, 2017 13:15

How to grow stuff by Alice VincentI first became aware of Alice Vincent early last year, when I read her review of the then recently revamped Gardener's World. She didn't mince words and I loved her style. A self described 'rookie gardener', Alice writes a gardening column for the Telegraph which is essential reading for new and 'not quite sure' gardeners. Her fresh, no nonsense advice is gleaned from gardening on a north facing balcony in south London. No mean feat in itself. So, when she started to publicise the fact that she had a book coming out for beginner gardeners, I kept my eyes peeled. 

Published last Thursday, (coinciding nicely with world book day and a fair amount of sunny, spring like air around the place) How to Grow Stuff is a helpful, well written guide for those who fancy dipping their toes into gardening. Do not expect lengthy latin taxonomy (hooray for that, I hear you cry), but do expect easy to follow guides on growing houseplants, flowers, veggies and herbs. Basically, the type of easy to grow plants that deliver the goods in terms of performance. It is a particularly good read for those that have just a small garden or just a window sill. And it is perfect for those that are seriously time starved and just want a little taste of the good life, after a tough day in the office. Amen to that. 

I particularly love Alice's key ingredients for gardening: "...a bit of gumption, an open mind and optimism". That needs to be on a tee shirt. It could sum up your approach to life, let alone your garden.

If you are looking for a book to guide you into gardening, How to Grow Stuff is a great starting point. It'll have you padding around, sowing seeds in your socks and enjoying the fruits of your labours in no time.

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