How to maintain your garden furniture: 3 easy steps September 29, 2016 15:19

Maintaining your garden furniture: Three easy steps

The rain has reached Kent this afternoon - boo! The leaves are starting to fall, there is a distinctly crisp feel in the morning air and everything is pointing towards the inevitable: winter is on the way. Now is a perfect time to give your garden furniture a little TLC in order to keep it in tip top condition. If you have bought a Denys & Fielding deckchair this year, THANK YOU so much! It means a lot, especially as this is has been our first summer season. Here is how we recommend you keep it in perfect condition over the winter months... 

Garden furniture maintenance tip #1: Tidy up time

Balcony deckchair maintenanceCheck over your deckchair frame and ensure that the birds haven't been using it for target practice and/or the kids sticky little ice cream fingers have not left their mark. Simply wipe the wooden frame down with a damp cloth and leave outside in the air to dry. 

Next, take a look at your fabric sling. If you feel it needs a freshen up, grab a screw driver (phillips / cross head version). Face your deckchair front on and head to the left hand side as you look at the chair. See picture to the right of the screen. The top and bottom of this side of the chair have been screwed together, by us, by hand. We did this because most of our customers are women just like us and it is far easier to undo a screw that has been done up by another woman than it is to undo one fastened by an electric drill or man. Or both! 

Unscrew the screws, then pull / push the top and bottom bars ( those ones that holding the fabric) away from the side bars. Give the side bar a couple of taps to make this really easy. Remove the deckchair sling and pop into a cool wash, no higher than 40 degrees. Leave to dry outside / over a clothes horse. 

If you have a balcony deckchair then the same principles apply. Look to the left, undo the screw at the top and then under the wooden seat, you will find little washers and nuts that require a 10mm spanner. Loosen and remove the nuts and washers to remove the sling from the chair. 

Garden furniture maintenance tip #2: Winter Storage

If you have room, place your deckchair sling back onto the frame, replace the screws to their original position and keep the entire deckchair somewhere covered and muck free for the winter months. A summer house or shed is ideal. If space is tight, you can leave your frame outside without the fabric and simply add the fabric back onto the frame once the worst of the winter has passed. 

Garden furniture maintenance tip #3: There is always Spring...

If all else fails and time / effort / energy prevents you from looking after your deckchair now, simply fold up and leave somewhere sheltered. Then, next year just add a little oil to the wood work, freshen up the sling as per the recommendations above and start over. Job done.