How to transition your home from Summer to Autumn October 30, 2017 20:27

This morning was the first truly 'chilly' start we've had this Autumn. With the clocks changing over the weekend; the wisp of woodsmoke in the air and the altogether sleepy feeling that has crept over our garden and home, I for one am in the mood for autumn.

This time of year is full of ritual. Our Gran used to have winter weight curtains which, around about now, would replace the summer voiles. Mum used to clean the silver at this time of year, ensuring it was all twinkly for the winter months. Me? My thoughts turn to my stomach. I start planning more get togethers - carb busting dinners with friends and family. Subconsciously, our senses guide us - adding different textures, sights, smells and tastes into our every day lives, helping us appreciate all that this wonderful season has to offer. These simple, seasonal habits are a signal that is time to unwind and a time get ready for winter. Here are five easy ways to get yourself, and your home, in the mood for this cosy months ahead...

  1. Smells good - What is it about a smell that can evoke memories so vividly? Or transport you to another place and time? Nothing makes you feel more in the mood for Christmas and the wider winter season than the smell of cinnamon or the lung full of damp, earthy air you breathe while enjoying a walk in the woods. Light a scented candle and you get the best of both two senses - the evocative sight of a gentle flame serene in a still room, as well as a fragrance to soothe, nourish and restore. We love Wild Planet's 'Soft Embers' - a blend of pure essential oils creating a wonderfully seasonal, evocative scent. 
  2. Colour & texture - Rich, warming colours and textures in your home help to make you feel toasty when the temperature's drop. Extra cushions, colourful home accents and accessories, lit by candles and lamps, rather than overhead lights... Perfect.
  3. Dress for dinner - or rather, dress your table for dinner. Go the whole hog this season and dress to impress - table runners, twinkly lights, foraged foliage from the garden to adorn hearty, wholesome meals with friends or just your 'run of the mill' Friday night in.  
  4. Under cover - I love my Mum's homemade quilts. Nothing beats a snuggle on the sofa under one of those beauties. Mix and match home made quilts with lovely, woolly ones such as those from Atlantic Blankets. I'm currently drooling over their mustard shoal throw. Lush.
  5. Berries, hips and twigs: Can't help it, I love a hip. Aside from making me want to sashay around the place singing 'I said a hip, hop, hippie to the hippie', they are just plain cheerful... with or without a classic rendition of The Sugarhill Gang. Fresh, dried, singular stems in a small vase, or full on 'en masse', to me, they are have the 'bed head' cool of the foliage and flower world. Snip around your garden and bring a few stems in to enjoy on window sills and table tops. 

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