Inspiring Gardens: Rakes Progress August 19, 2016 16:24

Rakes ProgressOccasionally you find yourself idly heading out on a little social media jaunt and finding a gem. Which is how I stumbled across a new publication called rakesprogress: an independent magazine (a real, physical paper variety!) that has launched this summer. As soon as I saw it I ordered a copy, hoping it would be as good in the flesh as it appeared on screen. And it is. It is beautiful. Think Kinfolk for the green fingered.

While it is undeniably good looking, the real treat is the content. From the gardening and colour experiments of pleach perfectionist Luciano Giubbilei to the guerrilla gardening exploits of Richard Reynolds in Elephant and Castle; the first, summer edition weaves together the inspiration, stories and people behind their gardens as well as a good smattering of practical advice to get you going in your own beds and borders. It walks the fine balance between 'inspiring' yet 'down to earth' with effortless style. Best of all, Rakes Progress leaves you the same feeling you have when you exchange a joke with a total stranger: a connection that is heart warming and lasts all day. Bring on the autumn edition. I'm hooked.