Introducing an exclusive range of garden aprons for Creeper & Knotweed September 16, 2018 16:10

Garden aprons made in KentOoh, are you ready for Autumn? To be honest, I feel like I am mourning Summer. But this isn't a time to be glum. September hasn't let the side down. It has been a beautiful month so far. The lovely creamy light that you get at the beginning and at the end of each day has been a treat. Slowly, the hedgerows along our lane have started to fill up with hips, blackberries and elderberries. And the flowers around the garden are doing that faded glamour thing - still beautiful, but starting to show signs of feeling weary. They are ready to put their feet up. And now it is up to us, as gardeners and guardians of these little patches of earth, to get to work - cutting back, weeding, mulching and getting ready to put most of the garden to bed.

As much of nature dies back, ready for it's winter slumber, our job is to leap into action. I am sure this is why somebody very wise, a long time ago, organised the school calendar to start in September. It's an energetic time of year. And as far as I am concerned, nothing gets you more in the mood for hard graft than a new piece of workwear. While school pupils don freshly pressed uniforms and unwrap newly bought pencil cases and backpacks, we've teamed up with the wonderful folk at Creeper & Knotweed to produce two new garden aprons, just in time for the Autumn clear up. 


Gardeners 'Oast' Aprons

Ladies Garden Apron


Named 'Gardener's Oast Aprons' - these gorgeous new gardening aprons are handmade by us in Kent in two distinct colour ways, both reminiscent of autumn. Each one has three handy pockets, perfect for keeping secateurs, string or seeds close by. The pockets are double lined in a medium weight canvas - meaning that they are both durable but pliable - so you can move around with ease as you tackle jobs, both high and low, in the garden. The pockets are finished with an eye-catching stripe edging in browns, blacks and marigolds. 

Gift wrapped and gorgeous 

If you are looking for a gift for garden lovers, it is worth knowing that these lovely gardening aprons come gift wrapped in sustainable, brown Kraft paper. If you need a message or special note adding, simply add the details to your order and they will be beautifully presented, with that personal touch, on your behalf. 

Denys & Fielding for Creeper & Knotweed

Creeper & Knotweed is an online garden emporium, offering a cultivated range of unusual and beautifully made gifts for gardeners. We were really thrilled to have been asked to create a gardening apron especially for their customers. It is the first collaboration we've undertaken with a fellow gardening brand. The icing on the cake was when Steve, Founder of Creeper & Knotweed suggested naming the small collection 'Oast' - in honour of their Kentish roots! 

To shop the range, head on over to Creeper & Knotweed

Ladies Garden Apron

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