Introducing our new tray collection! June 22, 2017 20:30

The idea behind introducing a range of trays to our collection began with an accident. With a growing collection of indoor plants, balanced precariously along a very narrow window sill in the bathroom, the inevitable happened. Saucers went flying, soil was spilled and I was one very unhappy bunny. 

After a search online to find the perfect size drip tray proved fruitless, we decided to make our own. It's perhaps not the most in-depth, rational approach to product design, but for us, it works. If we have trouble finding something that fits the bill, we talk to customers, friends and family to find out if they've experienced similar. We try and find something we'd really, really love in our homes, and if after all this, we are still left wanting, we look for ways to make something ourselves. 

So, what's different about our trays? Well, for starters, they are available in our four, gorgeous fruity, feathery and floral designs - namely cherry, leaf, feather & patsy. They are slim, elegant trays - perfect for your average size window sill and even cope with my extremely narrow version (see pic!). They are made from recycled materials and won't warp if they get a thorough soaking while plants are watered.

Another really important factor for us is that the trays are made in the UK. It's not that we think British products are better, or more superior. We are just passionate about keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and truly believe that the simple act of making something keeps people, communities and societies happy. So, making our garden and homewares in the UK is our way of waving the flag for the home side. 

We hope that the result of all this is a range of trays that are useful drip tray for houseplants and indoor gardening activities, as well as perfect serving trays for mealtimes and get togethers. To keep things simple, we've included post and packaging in the price. We hope you love them - please let us know either way. We always appreciate the feedback :) Here is a link to shop the tray range... Enjoy!