Macrame plant hangers Vs. traditional hanging baskets May 13, 2018 20:32

Around about now, an assortment of colourful trailing flowers and plants start to appear in local nurseries and garden centres. I love them. For me, there is no better way to display these than a macrame plant hanger. Whether you are DIYing it, or planning on making a purchase, macrame plant hangers make a beautiful, colourful alternative to traditional hanging baskets.

Choosing your macrame rope or cord is perhaps determined by where you intend to position your plant hanger. Warm, sheltered porches are perhaps the most ideal environment, as the flowers and hanging display can create a big, welcoming impact, while the dry, cosy environment means you can pretty much choose whatever type of plant hanger you like, as muck and dirt is at a minimum. If you place plants and flower pots into a pot without a hole, you'll also ensure that muddy water doesn't run through onto your hanger once you've finished watering. 

Simple, rustic garden plant hangers made from garden twine are a great alternative if the position of your plant hanger means you need something a little less decorative and a little more resilient. If you are making the hanger yourself, it may be worth doubling up the twine. I've got all sorts of birds flitting around at the moment, busy nest building. Their beaks are full leaves, twigs and twine - they seem to love it! So, rather than have them peck away and dislodge your planters, take a belt and braces approach to homemade plant hangers. Be neat with your knots, and ensure any ends are tucked away, so they can't pull at the twine and unravel your knots! Yikes! 

Using a macrame plant hanger as a temporary, decoration for garden parties and dinners with friends is also a really lovely touch. Position a plant hanger above a table and fill with plants, create a flower ball, or add a couple of twinkly, battery operated lights, for a beautiful, fun centrepiece. 

macrame plant hangerIf you do opt for a macrame plant hanger to display trailing flowers and plants, you can choose from all kinds of containers to place inside. I've opted for an old tin for here. Really, I needn't have made the basket section of the macrame hanger so big, but I want to keep my options open - I may swap things around later in the summer and put a bigger pot inside. Choose your variety and you could enjoy watching your flowers start to weave around the cord and rope - how lovely would that be?! 

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