Natural Skincare Tips for Winter November 8, 2021 20:24

With the sudden drop in temperatures outside and the need for a little extra heating indoors, now feels like a good time to write about natural skincare tips, particularly for winter skin. 

Natural winter skin care tips

What happens to your skin in the colder months? 

The short answer is it gets dry. Cold weather, warm central heating and low humidity both inside and out all play a part in reducing the moisture in our skin. And of course, we are all still washing our hands and if your soap is too harsh, your hands will also be feeling the effects - namely itching, tightness and irritation. All of this is exacerbated as we get older. Changes in hormone levels impact our skins ability to remain hydrated. And if like me you've been sun worshipping for the last few decades, the result could be sun damaged skin, which is thinner - making it much harder for the skin to retain moisture. 


Of course, there are bigger problems in the world right now, but sore, chapped skin can just make things a little more miserable than is necessary. And dry skin can lead to issues such as cracked, bleeding skin (ouch!) and eczema. Plus, I always think that your skin is a really good indicator of how things going for your body on the inside. So, look after your skin and you are looking after you - mind, body and soul. 

How to help your skin, naturally. 

Starting from the inside out, drink more water. Topping up hydration levels from the inside out comes less naturally to me in the winter compared with the warm summer months, but it is worth doing. A glass of hot water and lemon is a great alternative to cold drinks on freezing days and a good way to start the day.

Consider what you are eating - foods rich in omega-3, antioxidants and essential fatty acids are fab for skin as well as offering a whole host of other health benefits. Recent studies have shown a link between omega-3 rich foods and good circulation (great if you feel the cold in winter!) and also mental health, which can really take a hit on dark, wintery days - all great reasons to grab the good stuff! 

Add oils to baths and showers. While drinking lots of water can aid skin hydration, staying in a bath or shower too long can dry out your skin. Aim for a quick dip (5 - 10 minutes) and add bath oil to your regular soak to help hydrate your skin (be careful as bath oils can make your bath a little slippery). If you prefer showers, try rubbing bath oil onto your skin before stepping into the shower and rinsing off. You'll not only moisturise your skin, but if you choose a bath oil rich in plant based essential oils, you'll also get a sensory hit of aromatherapy benefits. 

Opt for creams and balms rich in natural oils & butters. Many natural plant oils and butters work extremely well with our human skin. Jojoba in particular is brilliant because it is an humectant ingredient in natural skin care - which means it attracts water to the top layer of the skin. It is also very similar in make up to our own natural oil (sebum). Our skin literally can't tell the difference, which means jojoba is easily absorbed. We use jojoba both as an oil in our products and also as a wax - adding it to our hand balm in its wax form. This is invaluable as it provides a protective layer to your hands - literally helping to heal, coat and protect all at once. Perhaps consider switching up your moisturising routine with the seasons, choosing thicker, richer creams during the winter (or, if you use a night cream, perhaps use it during the day too) and lighter moisturisers in the summer months. 

Avoid using harsh detergents on your clothes - we often forget about all the chemicals that can exist in our clothes and further irritate skin that is already dry and cracked. Over washing clothes in highly toxic detergents is not just bad for your clothes, it is bad for the environment. And less washing can only be a good thing :) Air clothes before putting away. Opt for more sustainable, natural cleaning products and wash less. Win win.