New! Make your own Fabric Pot July 16, 2018 20:35

The school holidays are just around the corner. Which can only mean one thing. 


There. I said it! 

Nothing brings on a deluge of biblical style rain than a school holiday. Not that I'm complaining. As a gardener, it is essential that we have a few showers, preferably of an evening. That would be wonderful. But as a busy mum, with the prospect of juggling work and children for six weeks, rain is not great. 

Fabric Plant PotHowever, our latest addition to our range is a perfect gift / activity for rainy days. Fabric Pots are a fab way to update interiors and we've created our own gift boxed version to provide a perfect present for those that love to make and do. 

Choose from four of our most popular fabric designs, and we'll send you fabric, cut to size, ready to make a beautiful fabric pot, along with everything else that you might need. Pins, needle, thread and measuring tape, all included! While we've provided really easy, step by step instructions in the gift box, we've also recorded a v. simple guide and placed this on our youtube channel. Brace yourself for my dulcet tones and Kentish twang!! But accents aside, sometimes it's nice to listen to instructions rather than read them. I for one, always find it easier to take in information that is spoken to me rather than written down. So, we hope this is a helpful added extra. 

The finished pot is lined - patterned fabric on one side and plain on the other. It can easily hold a house plant complete with a saucer, but you can use these handy little fabric storage sacks in all kinds of 'situations'. It is perfect for keeping makeup in as well as pencils and pens. It doubles up beautifully as an alternative to the fruit bowl. 

Once you've made your fabric pot, we'd love to see your finished article and how you use it in your home! Just email across your finished project, or tag us on Instagram / Facebook. It will be a treat to see them! 

Check out the new Fabric Plant Pot Kits here. 

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