New Read: Bloom Magazine March 12, 2019 13:50

I don't know where I was when issue one came out, but suffice to say, I missed the
inaugural unveiling of Bloom - a new quarterly publication for garden lovers. But, tempted by the gorgeousness of their Instagram feed (and the fact that the tone of voice feels fresh and friendly) I placed an order and last week, issue two dropped onto the doormat. 

I started my working life in a publishing house and I still love the smell of a freshly printed magazine or book. Unwrapping this mag was a feast for the nostrils! Quality print. Perfect bound, matt finish. I was smitten. 

Bloom is less magazine, more journal in presentation. The writing style is relaxed, but it has a currency and pace that is lively and energising to read. Mini 'tasklets' for the garden; a hitlist of things to see and do in the months ahead and shopping pages combine with longer, informative articles about subjects as diverse as mycorrhizal fungi and herb gardens through to the personal career journey of Emma Love, apprentice at Kew Gardens. 

For me, Bloom is a breath of fresh air. It presents gardening, being outside and enjoying nature, as a restorative escape, but doesn't just offer a pretty veneer. Instead, it manages to offer something for everyone; from beginner gardener to the more experienced, delivered with cadence, style and substance. Best of all, it embodies the enriching experience that being outside can provide for everyone. And that is something to cheer for.  

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