Outdoor space, indoor style: Five style ideas for your patio or garden. April 07, 2017 11:35

Five style ideas for outdoor living

deck chairs - stylish garden furniture from Denys & FieldingWith temperates set to rise this weekend, all eyes are on the garden. Borrow classic interior tricks to ensure you enjoy your time outside, in style. To get you started, here are our five ideas to add a touch of glam, outdoor living to your weekend. Enjoy!

  1. Opt for folding garden furniture: Yes, the weather is looking up. However, you know our fickle climes. One minute sunshine, the next, biblical rain. Invest in garden furniture that is flexible enough to make the most of the changeable weather. Our new design for our garden furniture is proving popular both inside and outdoors. Plus we have a special offer running until the end of April - grab a bargain while you can! 
  2. Create a (garden) room with a view: Arrange planters and pots, brimming with spring bulbs and lush foliage around your seating area. Sitting in and amongst plants is one of the best ways we've found to relax in the garden, literally immersing yourself in the sights and smells. Adding plant pots at different heights, upturning one garden pot to act as a shelf for another, or making the most of a nearby wall or table top can really help add interest and texture at different levels. Plus, pots can be easily moved around - so should the sun be in a different place by June, you can shift your seating and surroundings to suit. shop stylish garden pots and planters at Denys & Fielding
  3. Enjoy a little privacy: Time alone in the garden is to be savoured. If your outdoor space is overlooked or in need of a little more seclusion, consider investing in an outdoor screen. This can be in the shape of planting such as bamboo (prolific so choose your variety carefully) or with the use of a trellis and more traditional, cottage style climbers such as clematis or honeysuckle. If you are short on space, innovate with a fabric screen, such as one of our windbreaks. Good looking, colourful with instant impact, our windbreak poles can be pushed down and secured into pots, creating privacy for a balcony or patio. 
  4. Add some heat: We love the garden by day, but it is still pretty chilly of an evening. Invest in a fire pit or outdoor stove to keep you toasty. We love the fire bowls created by local ironworks Cranbrook Iron. Available in a range of sizes, these beautiful fire bowls look better and better as they age and rust.
  5. Spring clean your space: No matter how small or imperfect, your garden should soothe the soul. It offers a little respite in an otherwise extremely fast paced world. So, get mindful, and enjoy the process of making it your very own sanctuary. Tie in climbers to fences, walls and trellis. Deadhead the daffodils, arrange the furniture and pots to suit your style, then stop. Grab a comfy chair,  magazine, beverage of choice and soak it up. 

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