Patio Perfection: Stylish Garden Furniture August 12, 2016 17:05

Stylish Garden Furniture: The Balcony Deckchair When it comes to making the most of your outside space, a key consideration has to be your choice of stylish garden furniture. We are pretty demanding of our own deckchairs and folding garden furniture. Style and substance are equally important to us. We strive to produce items for the garden that are good quality and also flexible - something you can move around and enjoy to take in different aspects of your outdoor space. 

We were recently asked to style a customer's new seating area. Cue 'kids in a sweetshop' moment. A beautiful garden, a lovely decked area overlooking the garden and free reign to relocate a great selection of existing pots and planters. HEAVEN!! 

The fabric design of choice for our client was our 'feather' design. The decking is a perfect party area of the garden, so we added several classic deckchairs and a wideboy deckchair along with a few contrasting extra large cushions to encourage maximum sun worshipping and socialising! Add planters and pots for height and interest in a garden

Over on the other side of the garden, tucked away under a small wooden pergola we added our balcony deckchairs - a perfect quiet little spot to enjoy the early morning sun while munching a spot of breakfast or sipping that first cup of tea. Lovely stuff. We chose the same fabric design to tie these different areas of the garden together - unifying the garden furniture and creating a stylish look to show off the beautiful plants and shrubs in the garden. 

Being in our customers' garden reinforced the whole sense of theatre that gardening and nature can provide. For me, the garden is the most creative space that I can enjoy everyday and any day. It has turned me into a persistent potterer, happily moving garden chairs around, clipping back, adding a cushion here, a pot there. I don't follow any particular rules when styling my garden space, but I do find myself returning time and time again to the following ideas: 

  • Styling pots and planters around garden seating is a great way to really immerse yourself in it all and create a unique hideaway of your very own. Stylish garden furniture is just the starting point. Add pots and plants at different heights around your seated area to create a sense of intimacy and closeness to nature.
  • Keep in mind the times you enjoy your garden the most - whether it is first thing, throughout the day or after work. Consider where the sun is at those moments, what the soil conditions are like etc... and then concentrate on creating the perfect haven, no matter how large or small, to enjoy those precious moments when you have nothing to do but potter or relax in the garden. 
  • Opt for Flexible Garden Furniture: The sun comes up and over our patio, meaning a constant shuffle around in terms of who wants to be in the sun / who doesn't etc... Musical chairs. In my experience, using moveable, folding garden furniture makes it so much easier to shift around with minimal fuss. Perfect.