She Sheds Style - By Erika Kotite January 13, 2019 10:55

She Shed Style by Erika KotiteA new book hit the doormat last week, and I ran (literally, I ran!) to pick it up. 

My copy of She Sheds Style had arrived - woo hoo! And, while I love receiving any kind of book through the post, the reason for my added sense of anticipation with this arrival was the fact that a) I'd had the pleasure of meeting the author, Erika and her daughter, Lizzie, last summer, and b) my little old shed, that I absolutely love, might be included. 

And it was!

But, before we get to all that, let me first explain a little more about the premise of She Sheds, and just why they have become increasingly popular.  

She Sheds - A Place of Your Own. 

If you are wondering what a She Shed is all about, and considering if you need one in your life, Erika's first book talks about the solitude and splendour of a She Shed. I love the opening description: "a shed exists primarily for protection - a dry sheltered place to keep things safe."

Continue with that thought a little further, and the humble shed can protect and keep safe a whole mix of different interests, pastimes and passions. Sheds are not just a dumping ground for gardening tools and wellies, but a place brimming with creative pursuits and endeavour. Think artist workshops, music rooms, yoga studios and knitting sheds. My Auntie has a summer house literally opposite her kitchen window and she loves it. It's filled with blankets, books and a kettle. For her, it is perfect. A garden sanctuary just a couple of steps away. 

And this is the premise of Erika's second book, 'She Shed Style' - a book brimming with ideas on how to create a room of your own that reflects your tastes and your style. Some of the shed examples in the book are filled with memorabilia; capturing a life full of special times and happy memories. Others are minimal and reflective; a room designed to provide calm, clarity and harmony in which to organise your thoughts and current work load. As I flicked through the pages I found myself admiring every single style, as each one was fit for purpose, unique and beautifully constructed. 

Inspiration is balanced with practicality - with DIY projects and easy to follow instructions on every imaginable element you may wish to consider for your shed - from how to install a track door and simple window treatments through to furnishing tips and tricks. This is where I came in - providing an easy guide on how to make bunting to dress your shed.  

If your own home is at breaking point with an unappealing list of jobs to do; cupboards and shelves straining under the weight of much loved, but space filling Christmas toys & presents; and you're not quite ready yet to get truly stuck into the garden, your shed could provide a welcome halfway house. A little breather from all that is chaotic and unwieldy both indoors and outside. And She Shed Style is just the read you need to help you commandeer & transform that bijou little space, waiting for you, just a few feet away. 

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