Supporting responsible reforestation 🌱 October 7, 2021 14:33

We are thrilled to have launched a new ‘plant a tree’ scheme. A tree is planted with every online order here on the Denys & Fielding website, irrespective of size or spend.

How it works: A tree is planted with every online order received here on the Denys & Fielding website, irrespective of size or spend. It happens automatically, so there is no need to do anything different at the checkout etc... You don't pay any extra - we make a payment on your behalf direct from your order. If you are happy to receive an update on how we are getting on, we'd love to keep in touch and send the occasional email to you to let you know how many trees people like you have helped us to plant. Keeping in touch is entirely optional. 

How we are able to do this: We have chosen to work with Ecologi on this -  an excellent company based in Bristol that provides the opportunity for small companies just like ours to make a difference, helping to make strides in responsible reforestation. The critical word here is 'responsible' - this isn't about planting any old tree in the wrong place - it's about responsible reforestation that supports fragile ecosystems and communities around the world. So far, Ecologi has managed to plant over 21 million trees! They only fund Gold Standard projects and are highly collaborative and community based in their approach. We love them.


Keep in touch: As we continue to work hard to develop eco conscious, thoughtful gifts and services that we hope customers will love, it’s really nice to think that with each purchase, a little extra good is going back into the world. Updates on our efforts to ‘grow a forest’ with our customers will be regularly shared in our newsletter,  on Instagram and Facebook. We'd love to keep in touch with how we are getting on. So please follow us on your social channel of choice or sign up to our newsletter. You can also use the chat box to the bottom right of your screen to contact us at any time.