The Great Escape: 48 hours in Rhossili October 16, 2016 17:00

Rhossili Beach, Gower PeninsulaWhile most people enjoy a deckchair at the coast on a warm, sunny day, both Cat & I are rather partial to wrapping up and setting down on a beach out of season. Which is exactly where Cat found herself a couple of weeks ago...


I have never heard of Rhossili. If I’m really honest I was not altogether certain on the precise location of the Gower Peninsular. I know. Pathetic. Prone to nosebleeds outside the M25. Anyway, I can now confirm that Rhossili is a small village a little further along the coast from Swansea.

After a seven hour trip (why does it take us seven hours to get anywhere!?) we arrived in Rhossili, just in time to show my little girl, 'M' the farm animals and to see the sun set. Add a glass of wine (or several) and a toasty, warm cottage and the experience of the M4 was well and truly forgotten!

The following day, after tucking into the fresh eggs left by our lovely host at ship farm cottage, we put M in the back pack and set off, looking the part in full on 'cag in a bag' glory and ever-so-attractive walking boots.


It wasn't long before we reached the beautiful beach at Rhossili where we set M free to splash, giggle and jump in the water with her wellies on. We were joined on the beach with around a dozen or so other people (mainly v.manly surfers - tough but someone had to watch) and that was it for the day. In fact this pretty much all we did for the entire weekend. Walked, splashed, talked, giggled and ate cake. 

As our Dad would say, the views are 'absolute magic'. I can’t really describe how beautiful the area is and my photo doesn't really do it justice. The only way to truly enjoy this lovely place is to overcome the M4 and get down there. Just 48 hours after arriving I left feeling like a new woman. I cannot wait to head back again this time next year - out of season but still in style with a deckchair under one arm and a toddler in the other.