A Moodbooster: The Rosemary and Lavender Candle January 3, 2019 20:32

Rosemary and Lavender CandleIt's January. Days are short. Outside, the sky is that murky, mizzly kind - uninviting, grey and overcast. While we've been working away for months on our new range of outdoor candles with Spring / Summer in mind, today, I've got to say, I've absolutely loved lighting one indoors. 

My candle of choice for today was 'Rosemary and Lavender' - a perfect scent to clarify my thoughts; still foggy from too much cheese, wine and mince pies woofed down over the Christmas hols. 

This beautiful aromatheratpy candle isn't a straight 50 / 50 split of Rosemary and Lavender. We've carefully worked on the ratio and mix to get it just right; deliberately weighting it in favour of Rosemary, which gives the candle a rich, clarifying aroma. Before Christmas, we enlisted the help of some wonderful strangers, via the power of Facebook & Twitter, to help review and test our candles. It's been a daunting time, waiting for their responses. But the feedback has started to come in, and with my own candle lit, I spent an hour or so this morning going through the feedback and reading their comments. 

As I was busy enjoying the sniffs and whiffs from my own candle, it was great to read this description of the scent from one of our reviewers:

"The pine aroma of the rosemary means that the lavender is not too dominant - a lovely ‘clean’ fragrance with no cloying notes"

Hurray! Lovely stuff. It's just how we want our candles to be enjoyed. For both the Rosemary and Lavender candle and Citronella and Clementine Candles, the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive, fuelling my confidence surrounding this brand new range that we simply love making. 

Each candle slowly poured, cured and polished until we are absolutely happy with every aspect of it. Determined to produce a truly thoughtful gift, the candles are made from wholly natural ingredients & essential oils; presented in reusable, refillable enamel containers, wrapped and then placed into a handsome, fully recyclable box. For us, offering a candle refill service is the icing on the cake. It’s a great way for a small company like ours to work with customers to recycle and reuse in a meaningful way. We hope to add limited edition scents, that change with the season - so they’ll always be something new and interesting for customers to try.
 Rosemary and Lavender Candle in Enamel Container
But for now, for this month, its the Rosemary and Lavender candle for me, all the way. Rosemary is said to have clarifying properties, stimulating the mind, rejuvenating the senses. Lavender is well known for it's soothing, stress busting qualities. Together, they are the perfect antidote to the excesses of Christmas and the bare bones of winter. And just the thing I need to remind myself of the promise of warmer, brighter days that lie ahead. 

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