Discover our new range of vibrant, colourful homewares September 9, 2017 18:19

marigold orange cushion from Denys & FieldingThe creation of our new range of vibrant, colourful homewares is something we are SO excited about! Particularly given the drab weather we have had. I'll be honest, I'm still hanging out for an Indian summer. Yes, I know, the signs are not altogether positive. But imagine a good dose of early autumn sunshine towards the back end of September and beginning of October....Ooh, that will do nicely. Because, as much as I really enjoy getting cosy in a woolly jumper, I'm not ready to be confined to barracks, just yet.

In fact, bonfires, rosy cheeks, winter walks, steaming hot cups of tea on a crisp, blue skied morning... I love it all. But I'm a summer baby. A love of 'the rays' is in my blood and I don't really cope very well with the other side of winter... you know, the one that's all rain, more rain interspersed by grey, dreary days. Sigh. 

The antidote? Aside from a five star holiday experience in an exotic, far flung land, (not happening any time soon) I'm thinking it's time to dig deep and create our own sunshine. Which leads me nicely to our new range of vibrant, colourful homewares... :)

Combining small batch, British based manufacturing, along with traditional, hand made craft, our new collection provides something unique, joyful and practical for the home. Each item within the homewares range complements another - with mix and match styles, designs and colour ways used throughout to help create a contemporary, connected look for sitting rooms, kitchen / diners, and which, on warmer days, can extend out to the garden. Oooh lovely! 

Hand made lampshade in orange and blue leaf design by Denys and FieldingSo, if you haven't already taken a look, dive in! Our vibrant cushions provide a real zing to this season's love of dark, moody interiors and yet are equally at home in lighter, more airy settings. The serving trays double up as stylish, colourful drip trays for houseplants and those outdoor types that just enjoy a slightly warmer home over the winter months. And our colour popping lampshades will add light and atmosphere to your home. The collection is growing almost daily as our months of preparation finally come to an end, and we start to add more items onto the website. We'll keep updating Facebook and Insta as we go - so come on over to keep in touch!