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Citronella Candle

Two sizes, three options and consistent *5 star* customer ratings… we are so proud of our citronella candle. 

Each citronella candle is handmade here in our Kent based studio. We work with the finest essential oils and natural, soy wax to create a beautiful blend of candle that is enjoyable indoors or outside. 

Our citronella candles are available in two sizes: 

Large Citronella Candle

Our large citronella candle is approximately 350g. A handy comparison is a can of coke. These citronella candles have a burn time of approximately 45 hours. The first burn is the most important burn for these candles. Because of their size, it's really important that when you first light your candle, you have ample time to enjoy it! This means leaving the candle to burn for up to four hours on the first burn. This will allow time for a melt pool to form out towards the edges of the container, which is really important. This melt pool acts as a 'guide' to the rest of the wax. Burn for just a short time and your candle will follow the narrow size of your melt pool. Ensure your first burn is nice and long, and the candle will continue to melt as much of the wax as possible on subsequent burns. This reduces the potential of 'tunnelling' - that really annoying habit when candles only use up a small proportion of the wax! The large citronella candles are presented in a beautiful recyclable gift box. 

citronella candle - Denys & Fielding


Votive Citronella Candle 

Our votive citronella candle is a lovely, miniature version of our large citronella candle. It is made with the same high quality ingredients but has a smaller burn time - approximately 20 hours. It weighs around 120g in total (including container). Each votive citronella candle is presented in a small recyclable gift box. 

Votive Citronella Candles - Set of Three

Because our citronella candles are such a great addition to parties & outdoor celebrations we thought it would be really nice to offer them as a set of three votives. This provides an easy way to style a summer table and is a practical addition to garden tables as well! Our Set of Three votive candles are presented in a gift box, so perfect for gifting. 

Citronella - Container Candles 

Our citronella candles are container candles - meaning they are presented in a container rather than a 'pillar candle' or tapered candle. Our material of choice for our containers is enamel - they look beautiful in a whole range of settings - outside in the garden, in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere in between. We also find they do not get as hot as glass when the candle is burning and are a little more robust for garden / outdoor use. 

It is thanks to our enamel containers that we are able to offer a candle refill service - enabling customers to enjoy their candle and then return the container to us to refill. Find out more about candle refill service for large candles or votive candle refill service and discover the extra savings that can be enjoyed by recycling and reusing! 


votive citronella candle - a set of three from Denys & Fielding

A unique citronella candle blend  

Our citronella candles are handmade with a pretty unique blend of oils. We use citronella essential oil along with clementine. Discover more about the story behind this unique citronella candle blend


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