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Mini Me - The Children's Deckchair

Deckchairs made especially for children. 

Mini deckchairs make ideal furniture for children. They are really versatile and look great in a nursery or bedroom, or outside in teepees and dens. Little ones love sitting teddy's on their chairs, as well as themselves! They are great for imaginative play as well as providing a practical piece of furniture, specifically made for children. 

children's deckchair



Do children's deckchairs recline? 

Not ours. Reclining chairs, by definition, have to be able to move. In our experience, this is where the problems start with finger trapping etc... So, our kid's deckchairs are fixed in a comfy position, using butterfly or locking nuts. 

The best news is that they are also really safe for little fingers - our children's deckchairs come with locking nuts, which avoid that awful finger trapping situation that can occur with traditional folding chairs. Whether you opt for a traditional stripe, or choose from our wider range of designs, we hope you love your children's deckchair. It is a is unique, fun and nostalgic piece of furniture that everyone will love. 

Can I mix and match deckchair styles? 

Absolutely - our fabric designs work from the same colour palette, meaning the pink you see in the stripe is also the pink you see in our cherry design. The idea is that you can mix and match fabric designs to create a real 'wow' effect for homes and gardens. You can also mix and match the size of your chair - choosing an adult size deckchair and a mini me version! 

How to care for a children's deckchair.

Spot wash any marks or stains on the deckchair sling. Use warm, soapy water to remove any marks and allow to dry. Every sling is given a non toxic, environmentally friendly treatment to enhance durability and resistance to mould and UV rays. This is a treatment that will last for up to three years and can still be washed, but only on warm, not hot temperatures. Do not use water any higher than 30 degrees if you choose to spot wash your sling. 

Should scratches and marks appear on the wood of the deckchair frame, simply sand lightly and apply an oil - such as teak oil or linseed oil to bring back the colour and natural sheen of the wood. 

What are the fixings made of? 

The children's deckchair has stainless steel fixings - strong, sturdy and rust resistant. 

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