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Monthly Candle Subscription

Monthly Candle Subscription


Local, seasonal, handmade with care. That is the intention behind our monthly candle subscription service. Combining the aromatherapy benefits of essential oils with natural, soy wax, our candles are beautiful, sustainable and offer a perfect mood boosting accompaniment to life at home. From our small studio in Hunton, a teeny, tiny village nestled in between Maidstone & Tonbridge in Kent, we offer a truly special monthly candle subscription service for customers both locally and further afield.

How it works:

Overview: On the First Friday of every month, or every other month (depending on what you prefer), a new candle will arrive at your door. A different scent to try every month, the monthly candle subscription is made with natural, soy wax and essential oils only - rich in aromatherapy benefits and suitable for vegans. 

Monthly Candle Subscription UK

The Candle: The monthly subscription candle provided is large - around 350g (for easy reference, a can of coke or other 'pop' is typically 330ml) in weight with approximately 45 hours burn time. It is presented in an enamel container, gift boxed with a little note enclosed detailing the aromatherapy benefits of the candle enclosed.  

Payment: Payment is made by subscription via PayPal. Local customers (this includes some TN & ME postcodes - please contact us for details) are charged £18.50 per month. This includes a special discount and free delivery for the local area.  For those further afield, the cost is £20.00 per month, which includes a special discount but is higher to cover postage costs. You can also enjoy an extra 10% off for six months if you recommend a friend :)

Cancellation & Postponement: If you are heading off for your hols or would like to gift your candle subscription to a nearby friend or wish to skip a month, just let us know and we'll make arrangements. Please let us know by the 14th of the month if you wish to cancel or postpone your next delivery. 

Gifting / Buying for a Friend: A monthly candle subscription makes a wonderful gift. We can set up candle subscriptions as gifts - just fill the details below with your requirements and we can go from there. 

Recycling: For local customers, please just leave out your 'empties' each month and these will be collected and recycled on your behalf. For postal subscribers, please just send back your empties at one hit, at Christmas time. We will send you a box and packaging to help with that. If we receive all your empties in good order (not washed, we'll do that, but without any 'dinks!') we'll send you a special Candle Club voucher to spend, just before Christmas :) 

Delivery Areas: Free delivery to specific ME & TN Postcodes. Please contact us for details. Postal services have a small added charge to cover the costs of sending via Royal Mail. 

To receive a monthly candle subscription please fill in the following details: 



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