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Reclining Garden Chairs from Denys & Fielding

The ultimate way to relax in the garden

A reclining garden chair should feel like the most indulgent, fun way to enjoy your garden. We offer four different types of garden chair. Choose a chair that reclines fully, until you are pretty much horizontal or a model that gently eases you back, providing a supportive but comfortable seat to take stock, read a book or just watch the world go by. Whatever your preferred way to relax in the garden, we have a chair for you. 

The Stowaway Beach Chair - the 'Sun Chaser!'

Stowaway Beach Chair


The smallest of our outdoor chairs, the stowaway beach chair is designed for folding up and popping into the back of the car. Ideal for picnics and day trips, it is also a fantastic way to soak up the sun at home, if space is a little limited. 

Because it is so lightweight (it weighs less than 5 kilos) you can literally move it around your patio or deck and chase the sun. Lots of gardeners and photographers love this chair, as it's an ideal way to view plants, flowers and foliage at eye level. Its design makes it a natural recliner - an easy way to sit back and enjoy the view. 

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The Classic Deckchair

 luxury reclining deckchair

Elegant, classic with a little contemporary twist - our deckchair offers a luxurious way to recline and enjoy life at home and in the garden. The classic deckchair comes with four reclining options - ideal if you wish to use your chair to read as well as seriously reeeelllaaaxxx!! Our choice of deckchair slings add a contemporary twist. Each one is a handmade by us here in Kent. We then treat the fabric sling with a non toxic, environmentally friendly solution to add durability, UV and water resistance. However, despite all this, you can still remove the deckchair sling and wash it on a cool wash. The treatment will remain within the fabric, washes and all, for up to three years. Lovely! 

The frame itself is a hardwood and very solid. All in all, we hope that this is a chair you can enjoy for years and years to come. 

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The Balcony Chair 

Reclining conservatory furniture

I can't lie. It's my favourite reclining chair. It has the best of everything. A fabric back, to provide comfort and style, but a solid seat and armrests - making it dead easy to get in and out of. Like all of our reclining garden chairs, it folds down really easy. In fact, it folds flat, making it perfect for storing when not in use. It is handsome enough to hang out in conservatories, garden rooms and orangeries all year round, but equally wonderful on decking, patios and gardens when the sunshines. Similar to our classic deckchair slings, you can also remove the fabric back support, wash it, put it away over winter etc... And again, it is washable, but also treated, to add extra durability against harmful UV rays and water / mould. 

And it reclines - hooray! It has just two settings, both equally comfortable. You can eat, read, snooze and while away the hours - it's a seriously comfy chair. What's more, the wooden bar directly under your legs is rounded, so no awkward digging in feelings behind your legs. It's our most popular chair, for good reason. A keeper. 

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Extra Large Deckchair - The Snuggler!

Extra Large deckchair


Last, but not least, the biggie. Our extra large deckchair is a whopper - it is the garden chair equivalent of the snuggler. It has all the luxury of our wider reclining garden chairs and will allow you to literally get horizontal, thanks to it's four recline positions. It is a wonderful chair to spread out in. Add books, a pet or two and you can doze away in the sun for hours. We also love the fact that people buy it for use indoors - as an alternative to a traditional sofa! Brilliant. This reclining chair is a real showstopper - a statement for the home and garden. 

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