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Water resistant lawn cushions

Make your garden as comfortable as your home with our stylish, comfy lawn cushions. 

Lawn cushions, or outdoor cushions, are a great way to add comfort and style to your garden. Ideal for use on the grass, they are great for informal seating on patios and decking. 

Are lawn cushions waterproof? 

Our lawn cushions are designed to be breathe, and are therefore water resistant, rather than waterproof. This means that if you get caught out and the cushions are  left out in rain, raindrops should bead up and run off of the fabric. The heavy duty oilcloth canvas used for the base of the lawn cushions mean that they are less porous, designed to minimise the amount of moisture seeping into the cushion from the ground. 

We always recommend that you keep outdoor cushions in a dry place when not in use. In fact, we think our lawn cushions are so handsome, you'd want to use them both indoors and outside! 

Are lawn cushions easy to clean? 

Yes, dead easy. Spot wash any marks. If you need the cushion cover to have a really good freshen up, simply unzip and send off to the dry cleaners. Once you have it back, consider adding a little fabric guard to it. All of our lawn cushions go out with the benefit of a special non toxic, environmentally friendly treatment, which increases the durability of the fabric in terms of UV resistance as well as water and mold resistance. This will last for up to three years, even if you give it a gentle wash or send it to the dry cleaners. 

Where else can I use my lawn cushions? 

Curled up at home, in front of the fire; bedrooms, large sofas, egg chairs (in fact, they look fab in egg chairs!) Our lawn cushions are built to last, sturdy and strong, but also soft and comfy. A great allrounder for all occasions. 

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lawn cushions for use indoors and outside

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