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Wooden Beach Chairs

Stylish Wooden Beach Chairs: Sturdy, easy to carry seats for day trips and picnics. 

Please say it's not just us. There comes a time when a comfy seat on the beach or in the park is far more palatable than the thought of sitting on the ground! That's exactly what our wooden beach chairs are made for. 

Beautiful, solid wooden frames, each beach chair comes with a choice of fabric slings in our designs. You can still enjoy the feel of your toes in the sand, but the recline position of the chairs supports your back and makes it much easier to eat sandwiches, drink wine and watch the world go by! Surely what a good day trip is all about! 

Sustainable wooden beach chair 

We work really hard to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible. Our beach chairs are made from an Indonesian hardwood called Merpauh. It is PEFC certified, meaning that it is from well managed, sustainable forests. 

The fabric is first manufactured in Europe. We then have our patterns printed onto the fabric in Lancashire using environmentally friendly dyes. 

We hand make every fabric sling and use a non toxic, environmentally treatment to enhance the durability of the fabric, making it resistant to UV damage and mould. 

Portable, easy to store 

Our beach chairs separate into two pieces, and then fold up. They are a really easy, neat little chair that can slip into a cupboard, under a bed or in a car boot with little trouble at all. 

Carrying the beach chairs is easy with a wooden strut to clasp as you wander off to find your perfect chill out spot. They weigh around 5 kilos, so again, a fairly light, transportable chair that you can use for day trips and mini breaks. 

The stainless steel fastenings keep everything looking tip top and in good condition. Should you need to, you can spot clean the fabric and scratches on the wooden frame can simply be given a light sand, and then a little oil to bring back to life. 

The easiest garden chair of all. 

Our stowaway beach chairs aren't just for day trips, lots of customer love them in their garden, literally bringing them down to plant level and allowing them to disappear amid the blooms for an hour or two. Brilliant. They are also great if you have to constantly move across your balcony or patio to 'chase the sun' :) 

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